We were established in 2005 as a local retail business to supply uniforms to schools with a uniform program. Our philosophy has always been to provide an integrated business to provide apparel, decoration and associated products as a one stop shop. This has enabled us to focus on customer service and quality delivery to our customers. Since 2005, we have expanded our core competence into related areas - providing uniforms and decorated apparel for teams, spirit ware, corporate appearance, and organizations of all kinds, as well as a broad selection of promotional products. We maintain our focus on service and quality and continue to provide an integrated solution for our customers. 

We continue to invest in and learn new technologies that can provide the most modern look and efficiencies but ensure that the technologies have proven records of reliability and quality. The founders leverage their years of experience in retail and production, and hire staff to compliment the focus of the business in order to maintain our ability to deliver. 

We continue to grow our web-based business continuously improving our customer interaction and fulfillment, tracking trends in the changing lifestyle and needs of our busy customers. Our web store is integrated with our physical store allowing us to provide a seamless customer experience, maintain an integrated catalog and history, provide more options for our customers, and fulfill and ship locally.

We provide an end to end service for schools, teams, groups, and organizations, providing the help they need. We can provide consulting services for branding, artwork design and development, prototyping, and full production and fulfillment. We are distributors for a very large number of suppliers for clothing, accessories and all sorts of promotional items to develop the look you want to spotlight your brand. We are also members of various trade organizations to provide training and to help remain current with trends and new ideas. 

Most importantly, we are part of our local community and are socially aware. We contribute to our community and provide assistance when needed through direct donations of clothing for needy community members, donations of goods and services to support fundraising, subsidized goods and services to promote specific causes and  scholarships to deserving students. At a global level, we support suppliers who have committed to fair trade practices and we support suppliers who provide socially responsible operations.

Please feel free to contact Customer Service with any feedback, suggestions or questions.